SISCAA CARROM - TRUSTED NAME IN CARROM INDUSTRY. WHY ARE WE RANKED TOP 5 IN CARROM INDUSTRY. We are Siscaa! We are the ranked top 5 in carrom manufacturers of best quality carrom boards. With Industry expertise of 30+ years, we are the sole suppliers to Decathlon, one of the biggest sports goods retailer chains in the world. India’s sports goods industry is nearly a century old and has flourished, driven by a skilled workforce. Being labor-intensive in nature, the industry Indian sports industry provides employment to more than 500,000 people. India’s sporting goods are popular around the world and have made a mark in the global sports goods market. The domestic industry exports nearly 60 percent of its total output. We are proud to be a part of this extensive industry. Siscaa’s success is directly linked with its Managing Director, Mr. Atul Mehra, who has, with his immense knowledge, industry experience, and expertise over the last 3 decades taken this Indoor Board game and the Company to a new scale globally. Siscaa is known to be a leader in carrom innovation in the industry. With carrom gaining popularity and Siscaa earning recognition and appreciation in the sports industry, we have joined the league of the best B2B Sports manufacturing company in the world. SISCAA CARROM SISCAA LEADERSHIP JOURNEY FROM BEST TO NO#1 MANUFACTURERS Mr. Atul Mehra is a famous name in the Carrom industry. He is the founder of Sunny Sports Industry. With more than 3 decades of experience in Carom manufacturing, he has firmly made a position in the sports manufacturing company. With his immense knowledge and industry experience, he built a trusted name Siscaa, when it comes to Carom and its accessories. Siscaa Carrom is in the league of best champion Carom board in the market Started with a mere manufacturing unit of 2,500 sq. feet area, 10 workers, and a production capacity of 500 units a month, Siscaa has come a long way because of the leadership of Mr. Mehra. Siscaa then was only known as Carrom Manufacturing Unit but a visionary like Mr. Mehra gave a new turn and scope to the company. By 2016 it was the biggest manufacturing unit of not only export and professional champion Carrom boards but also the largest exporters of Carrom Men and Strikers. His guidance and enthusiasm have brought new products like Cricket bats, Stumps and Balls, Mallets, and Grip Cones under the banner of Siscaa.